GED Program

The GED Program, Phuket, Thailand Overview

Our GED Program enables children to express themselves in speech and in writing over fours core subject areas:

  • The Sciences (Biology/Physics/Chemistry/Physics)
  • Social Studies/World History
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts (English Reading and Writing)
  • Mathematical Reasoning

GED Test Subjects

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Our courses enable young people to explore new ideas, express opinions and engage with the world of ideas in a safe, non-judgmental learning environment.

As an Authorized Partner of GED Testing Services (USA) we know the importance of having higher order thinking skills in today’s globalized economy. 

The GED diploma has done away with traditional rote learning.

Students focus on the application of theoretical concepts to academic questions instead of learning lists of information. 

We believe this shift away from memorization towards problem solving is fundamental for creating dynamic, creative and innovative young people.

Our GED Program classes are small, guaranteeing that children receive the help, care and support they need to succeed. 

Having smaller class sizes also allows for a more child centered learning environment with learners often taking control of their own learning in task-based learning activities.

Having smaller classes also enables teachers to differentiate lessons to meet the needs of all learners. 

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We believe that the key to a successful program is regular, succinct and clear communication with parents.

We conduct our academic reporting via the Fedena system. This allows parents to access information about their child though an individual porthole.

Teacher comments and grades can be accessed at any time and customers can communicate directly with teachers within the Fedena system.

This provides both convenience and transparency, putting a parent’s mind at rest.

Parents can also book a session with their child’s teacher anytime to discuss progress etc.


Testing is to ensure student’s competency in the demands of their courses. Students sit mid-term and final tests as well as other forms of informal testing throughout the term.

Certificates and Transcripts 

Students successfully completing the Phuket PALS GED Program will earn the following documentation:

  • US High School Equivalency Diploma (GED)
  • US High School Equivalency Transcripts (GED)

Students can get their diploma and transcripts here

Sample Course Overview

GED3 Mathematics Course Overview

Course Description:

GED3 Mathematics will make students more skilled in solving Linear equations.  The idea of a function introduced in GED3 will prepare students for algebraic concepts introduced in high-school math. 

Students will also analyse two and three-dimensional spaces and figures using distance, angle, similarity, congruence, and the Pythagorean Theorem and be introduced to probability, statistics, coordinate geometry and graphs. 

A strong emphasis will be placed on simultaneous language acquisition and mathematical skills development as usual.

Methods of Instruction:

Students will learn to connect mathematical content to language by :

  1. Emphasizing sound mathematical reasoning, not accuracy in using language.
  2. Moving away from simplified language towards regular usage of mathematical discourse.
  3. Engaging with the complexity of language in a math classroom.
  4. Treating everyday language and experiences as resources, not as obstacles.
  5. Uncovering the mathematics in what they say and do.


  1. Area and Volume
  2. Coordinate Geometry
  3. Finance
  4. Geometry
  5. Geometric reasoning
  6. Graphs
  7. Indices
  8. Linear equations
  9. Numbers and Operations
  10. Probability
  11. Polynomials
  12. Powers and exponents
  13. Statistics
  14. Trigonometry

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