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SAT Master Mathematics and English (60 hours)

Phuket PALS’ SAT Intensive Course prepares students to take the SAT exam with a comprehensive blueprint to the reading, writing and language, and mathematics content on the exam, along with an in-depth and extensive guide (if necessary) to the new optional essay.
Those enrolled will complete full-length tests, and will also be provided the time to thoroughly review their content afterwards.
By the end of the course, students will have ample opportunities not only to master effective test-taking strategies, but also to thoroughly practice using the materials covered during class.
Course Format
Phuket PALS’ SAT Master course is designed to provide a balance of guided instruction, collaborative discussion and group work, and realistic practice opportunities.
Students work both collaboratively and individually as they apply new strategies, with the instructor serving as an mentor.
Each class includes

Course Syllabus

Phuket PALS’ SAT Master Course provides a thorough review of both the content and most effective strategies for all three scored sections of the SAT: Reading, Writing, and Math. It also includes thorough review and practice with the new optional Essay (if required).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Course Materials

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