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What is GED?

Phuket PALS is the Phuket’s leading expert in specially tailored home school programs, with over ten years experience. We offer the following programs for private students and groups:

  1. Home school (UK Curriculum) leading to IGCSE and A Level
  2. Home school (US Curriculum) leading to GED and SAT
  3. Home school (Thai Curriculum)

To find out more about what our home school programs and what they can do for your child, please contact us and arrange a free consultation.

Here are some reason why we believe home school to be a wonderful option for kids:

1. Personalized learning is a strong method of instruction

The core idea of homeschooling is the idea that kids need to learn at the speed, and in the style, most appropriate for them. In the education world, enthusiasts call the approach “personalized learning,” and it’s in place in a number of schools already.

Some kids find them themselves either way ahead or behind their peers in a traditional classroom setting.

Both cases can leave the child feeling demotivated and demoralized, but this does not happen in a home school learning environment as the course is tailored to the learners level and needs.

2. Students can learn more about what they really care about

Often home-schooled children get the chance to explore a range of topics that might not be offered until high school or college. They can study psychology in fourth grade, or finance in eighth grade.

The options are limitless and unrestricted.

3. Students don’t deal with cliques or bullying

Home-schooled children don’t deal with all the downsides of being around kids in a toxic school environment.

Plenty of critics argue these downsides are actually good for toughening kids up, but kids who are bullied more often face symptoms of depression and anxiety, do worse in class, and show up to school less frequently.

Home-schooled kids are able to learn in a more harmonious environment.

4. Students may achieve more in the long run

Homeschooling makes sense from an achievement point of view.

Research suggests home-schooled children tend to do better on standardized tests, stick around longer in college, and do better once they’re enrolled.

5. Schooling isn’t set apart from the “real world.”

Contrary to the name, homeschooling takes place in an actual home only a fraction of the time. A great deal of instruction happens in sport’s clubs, in parks or in different countries.

These experiences have the effect of maturing kids much more quickly and cultivating a trait of open-mindedness and thus enabling children to see school as not set apart from other aspects of life.

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