Why Study IELTS? | 5 Reasons It’s an Amazing Idea!

Why study IELTS? It’s a common question from students. There are a tons of reasons why people take the IELTS test and in this article we are going to explore 5 of them. The acronym IELTS is feared globally.  If your first language isn’t English, IELTS will send a shiver down your spine and makes … Read more

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Study in Switzerland? You can with GED!

https://youtu.be/09bzvak6pM8 Study in Switzerland… How many Thai students have dreamed about sitting crossed legged on a verdant mountainside, breathing in the sweet, fresh Swiss air? It’s long way from Bangkok that’s for sure. For most Thai students studying in a picturesque Swiss town was the stuff of fairy-tales, but now the dream is possible. Phuket … Read more

Reading speed for GED: How to improve it.

Image from 123rf.com https://youtu.be/N0EZNbrhK0M How can I improve my reading speed for the GED test? I get asked this at least five times a week by my GED students. Many of whom feel disillusioned by the test. ‘How can I get through all the passages in the time? It’s impossible.’ The GED RLA test, for … Read more

Pass the GED Test 2019: Study Tip 1 – Question Vocabulary

https://youtu.be/s9p4fJhTU-I Want to pass the GED test 2019? Who doesn’t? So what can you do to increase your chances of passing? It’s a good question, isn’t it?  The internet is awash with tips and tricks for passing your GED score. However, the truth is that most of this information is click bate for sites looking to … Read more

GED practice tests: reasons to use them

Phuket PALS GED International Program students have to take a ton of GED practice tests in the lead up to the real exam. Join the Phuket PALS GED International Program community on Facebook and You tube for free video and a whole lot else. In fact, we dedicate all of term 3 of GED 4 to focusing … Read more

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GED Success Thailand: What’s Next? Watch and find out!

Click here to join the Phuket PALS’ Facebook community Click here for free GED video lessons You have earned GED Success! Well done! All your hard work over the past 12 months has paid off and now you have a high school equivalency diploma in your hand. So, what’s the next move? You’ve always has … Read more

GED Test 2019 (How to Pass GED Quickly)

Click here for free GED lessons from Phuket PALS Click here to join the Phuket PALS’ Facebook Community Image: stopmeifitoldyou.com Want to pass GED quickly? Join the Phuket PALS’ Facebook, Instagram and Youtube communities and get tons of free video etc. to help you boost your score! Teacher Mike answers one of the most common … Read more

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