What is a GED?

What is a GED?

GED stands for General Educational Development Test. 

After graduating from high school, students receive a diploma. A diploma is a document showing you’ve completed all necessary work to graduate. Some high school students are close to getting their diploma, but often because of social or financial reasons don’t get there. In these cases,students can take a series of tests if they have a high school level of education. This is the GED test. 

Want to learn more about earning your GED Diploma? You should! Earning your GED is an amazing way to bypass traditional schooling and
get into university.

Here are are some GED FAQ

There are four main areas subjects: 

·       Mathematical

·       Reasoning
Through Language Arts

·       Science

·       Social Studies


You will take four tests that make up the GED exam. Each test takes at least one hour, and you must get
a minimum
of 145 out of 200 in them to pass. You can schedule one test at a time or all four at once.

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What a GED can do for you?

Passing the GED exam will earn you a state high school diploma and recognition that you have a high school level of education. 

If you want to get a better job or higher degree, the GED is recognized by nearly all U.S. colleges, employers, and universities. Phuket PALS also has partners who accept the GED in Singapore, the UK, Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland and Thailand.

Passing the GED exam can give you better opportunities for work in the future. And don’t think that you’re alone. in
preparing for or wanting to earn your GED: there are 20 million GED graduates around the world.

Who can take the GED Exam?

In order to take the GED, you must be at least 16 years old.

How do you take the GED Exam?

The GED exams are administered in-person at an official GED testing center. You will need to
schedule a testing time online at GED.com before you can take the exam. In preparation for your tests, you can take GED classes at Phuket PALS to prep you for the big day.

Earn Your GED Today

Earning your GED is possible—more than 20 million people have received theirs and you can too! The doors
and opportunities it will open for you will be life-changing. 

 Click here for more information about preparing to

get your GED 

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