What’s the difference between the GED and a high school diploma?

Are you thinking of taking the GED? 

If so, many questions may be going through your head.

What’s the difference between the GED and a high school diploma? 

Do employers and universities prefer a GED or a high school diploma?

Which is better a GED or a high school diploma?

Let us explain.

What is the GED?

The GED consists of the GED test and the GED credential (qualification). 

The GED test covers four academic areas: math, reasoning through language arts, science, and social studies. 

Sound familiar? Of course.

High school students study these subjects every day in the classroom. Thus, studying for the GED builds on existing skills and knowledge, extending it to a grade 12 level.

Once you pass all four exams on the GED test, with an average of 145 or more, you’ve earned your GED credential (qualification). This serves as a diploma proving you have an equivalent 12-grade knowledge level. 

Is the GED Equal to a High School Diploma?

The GED is a high school equivalency diploma, so you can use it to apply to university or for a job, just like you would with a high school diploma. Also, if you’re thinking which schools accept the GED, 100 percent of universities in Thailand accept the GED as part of their entry requirements; more than 98 percent of schools in the United States accept the GED, including community colleges, universities, and private schools.

Phuket PALS has partners in the following countries that accept the GED to access higher education: Switzerland, Singapore, Germany, the UK, Taiwan and Japan. 

Take a GED and then combine it with a good SAT or ACT score, and you’ll have a wonderful chance of getting into the university of your dreams.

Which Option is Right for You?

A traditional high school diploma is sound option to prepare you for higher education; however, it takes 4+ years to complete, and many would rather speed up this process.

This is were the GED comes in.

GED graduates can prepare to earn their certificate in a shorter time with expert guidance, saving both time and money.


Both a high school diploma and the GED are great ways to boost your knowledge and critical thinking skills. That said, considering the amount of time and money taking the GED can save, we believe it is the better option for most students.

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