What is a Passing Score for the GED Test?

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If you are going to take the GED test, you’ll want to know how it is scored? Getting a good score on the GED depends on how you want to use the GED diploma in the future. Some students use their GED diploma to go to college or university and want a high score such as College Ready or College Ready Plus Credit. Others use it to get a job and are happy with a pass. Whatever your reason, you need to know the basics about how the test is marked in order to set realistic goals.

GED Performance Levels

What is a Passing Score for the GED Test?

Each GED test module is scored from 100-200 points. A student must score at least 145 on each of the four modules, 580 out of 800 points, to get the minimum passing grade. Students need to pass every subject individually, so if you get less than 145 in any module, you fail the test.  

One of the good things about the GED test is you don’t have to take the test in one sitting. Students have power over when and where they take the test, offering complete flexibility and convenience. For example, let’s say you feel ready to take the Math and Science test but not the RLA and Social Studies. This means you can book and take the subjects you are comfortable with first, leaving you time to study and take your weaker subjects at a later date. Some students choose to take one subject per day in the testing center; others take multiple tests per day. It’s up to you to choose what suits you best. Other good news is your best test scores go towards your diploma. If you don’t pas everything first time around, you have the option to re-sit the tests you failed and keep your passing scores.

GED Test Scoring

Scores are classified into four areas, not just pass and fail with each of these representing a range of possible scores. You can see this visualized below on the scale given by GED Testing Services.

GED Test Scoring

Below Passing 100-144

If you score below 144 for any subject, you can’t gain your diploma even if you score well on the other subjects. But fear not. You get the chance to re-sit tests you failed the first-time round. 

GED Pass Score 145-164

If you pass subjects in the 145-164 range then you earn the minimum passing grade. This means that you have adequately demonstrated high school graduate’s skills and knowledge. In some countries, this level is enough for you to enter into higher education.

GED College Ready 165-174

A score in this range gives you a distinction called GED College Ready. This means you will be able to enter into over 95% of US colleges to start a degree program.  

College Ready Plus Credit 175-200

Students scoring in this band already have some of the skills and knowledge taught in the first year of college. Many colleges will give you credits for first year courses, saving your time and money while starting studying for your degree. Make sure you check your college accepts GED credits before you enroll.  

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