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Phuket PALS has been Phuket’s no.1 English language tutoring school since 2009. We offer a range of courses to boost your English language skills for school or work. Whether you want an in-house lesson or an online lesson we have the courses and expert teachers for you.

We provide pre-course placement testing as well as private consultation to assess the student’s academic needs as well as expectations for their course. Once we have this information, our Academic Team provide a needs assessment for each learner, allowing us to maximize learning time in the online or in-house classroom. 

Look no further for Phuket’s best online and in-house tutoring service. Call us anytime for a free consultation on 081 417 0978 or 095 429 7791. 

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Online English Tutoring Classes

You can study English online with Phuket PALS from the comfort of your own home. Our programs are personalized and flexible.

With our online English classes, you’ll quickly improve your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Our tutors are highly qualified and will help you build your confidence as well as your English language level.

Phuket PALS has lead the way for tutoring in Phuket now for over ten years and is proud to have helped 1000s of students reach their English language goals. 

In-House English Language Tutoring Classes

Many students still prefer to study English language course in a small group or in a private session with their teacher. Phuket PALS has been providing this tutoring service since 2009, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our online tutoring courses in our English school.

English School Phuket

Phuket PALS’ English School Tutoring Courses

Phuket PALS is Phuket’s no.1 English language tutoring school. No other Phuket tutoring school has helped so many Thai and international school students prepare for the rigors of domestic and international English examinations such as IGCSE, IB, A Level, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, CU-TEP, CU-AAT and more.

Phuket PALS offers a large number of bespoke English language tutoring courses including the following:

– English Language Course for Early Learners (aged 5-8)

In this course, students focus on improving their reading skills using phonics games and reading programs. Also, students will boost their vocabulary, speaking and grammar skills using our textbooks endorsed by Oxford University Press.

– English Language Course for Young Learners (aged 8-12)

In our course, students will build upon the language foundation of the Early Learners level and progress to more complex reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and speaking tasks. Students will be given free story e-books to read independently at home as well as using our textbooks endorsed by Oxford University Press and carious other quality online materials. 

– English Language Course for Teenagers

This course focuses teenagers on reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary skills. Our teacher begin to dig deeper into the world of grammar for writing as well as sharpening students close reading and critical thinking skills. 

– IELTS Exam Preparation Course

Phuket PALS is Phuket only authorized British Council IELTS Registration Center.

Do you need an extra 0.5 or 1.0 on the IELTS band? Do you need even more?

You have come to the right place! Phuket PALS is Phuket’s best place to study IELTS.

Phuket PALS has has over ten years experience helping students get the IELTS score required for universities the world.

International IELTS progress statistics show that for ever 4 weeks of intensive study (20 hours minimum per week) a student improves about 0.5 points on the IELTS scale. Phuket PALS’ IELTS students often do better than this.

Phuket PALS’ IELTS tutoring courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to prepare for the IELTS test. Our IELTS tutoring courses provide useful techniques and strategies to help you approach all sections of the test and reach your IELTS potential. 

Phuket PALS offers students an IELTS placement pre-test to assess your IELTS level.

For students getting a level of less than 4.5 on the IELTS pre-test, we recommend taking a Phuket PALS’ English course before focusing specifically on IELTS course materials.

Phuket PALS is the only language school in Phuket with the experience to get you the IELTS score you need for future success! 

Look no futer today in Phuket for a professional IELTS tutoring course. Call us today on 081 417 0978 or 095 429 7791 for more info.

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Phuket’s IELTS Registration Center (Authorized IELTS Partner | British Council IELTS)

IELTS tutor Phuket

Phuket PALS is Phuket’s only British Council IELTS partner. This makes Phuket PALS a one stop shop for IELTS on Phuket. Student not only receive the best IELTS tutoring on Phuket with us buty also the best advise on how to book the IELTS test and a lot more. 

Sure you can study IELTS with many other English schools on Phuket, but it’s best to seek out the true professionals. 

Contact Phuket PALS for more IELTS related info today on 081 417 0978 or 095 4239 7791.

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language school phuket

What Phuket PALS’ English School Can Do For You?

So why should you choose to study English at Phuket PALS English School?

1. Phuket PALS has been delivering high-quality English language courses since 2009.

2. Phuket PALS has helped 1000s of students raise their English language level in preparation for school exams or international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PET, KET and more.

3. Phuket PALS’ Academic Team has a wealth of experience in tailoring courses to suit the individual needs of English language learners.

4. Phuket PALS’ Academic Team are available to discuss an English language course after it starts and make changes that will benefit the student, providing customers with a high level of flexibility.

5. Phuket PALS using only quality internationally endorsed materials.

6. Phuket PALS promotes extensive reading as one of the most effect ways to aquire a language, and all Phuket PALS students have an unlimited assess to quality level appropriate e-books for independent learning. 

7. Phuket PALS is a partner with The British Council (IELTS reg. Center)

8. Phuket PALS’ teachers keep class lecture notes that are shared with students and parents to promote academic transparency. 

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