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5 Ideas for GED Social Studies Success

GED Social Studies test = 70 minutes to answer approx. 35 questions

Most of the questions are based on short passages

But can also be based on diagrams, political cartoons, maps, photographs, excerpts from historical documents (such as the Declaration of Independence), and/or consumer labels.

Daunting? Don’t worry. Follow the following advice.

Idea 1 – Don’t worry about a lack of memorized knowledge. 

All you need to know to get the right answer is on the page!

You will encounter American and World history, but also geography, economics, civics and government and contemporary global issues.

You can prepare for the Social Studies test by reviewing basic history and concepts in a GED aligned textbook like McGraw Hill.

That said, many questions will ask about graphics, or graphics with accompanying text.

Study what is presented to you carefully, and don’t worry if the topic is new to you.

Idea 2Look for trends in charts, data tables and graphs. 

The data is being used as the basis for a conclusion. It has a point to make.

Typically line graphs show changes over time, while bar graphs help you draw comparisons.

Summarize the results before moving on to the questions. For example, ask yourself: 

What is this data supposed to show me?

Idea 3 – Remove choices that are contradicted by the given information first. 

Look for opposites

At least 1, if not 2, of the 5 answer choices will be opposite of what is presented to you in the short passages or in the accompanying data.

Idea 4 – Cause/Effect counts more than Dates/Names. 

Don’t worry about memorizing dates and names. You will NOT be required to know the specific years of major conflicts, but having a general idea of the cause and effect of these conflicts is advised.

Get an ‘eagle eye view’ of the information and how it links together.

Make historical timelines in your notebook

Idea 5Learn Core Conceptual Language

Learn some basic Economics terminology and concepts. For example, understand supply and demand/opportunity cost etc. See a GED Aligned textbook’s Economics chapter for this. Make sure you look at lots of GED economics questions and know how to interpret graphs etc.

The same is true for the other subjects as well. Keep all your information clearly in your Google Doc or notebook

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