Soi Dog Visit 26-04-19


Today a selection of our GED International Program students braved the April heat and made their way to Soi Dog Foundation in Mai Khao, Phuket.

A fun and educational morning was had by all (even the student – who will remain nameless) who has a fear of dogs.

What did the kids learn?

💥The kids learned the following:💥

✔1. There are other living beings less fortunate than yourself.
✔2. It’s important to give a little in life.
✔3. Giving is enjoyable.
✔4. Humble beginnings can grow into something massive through hard work and dedication.

Serving the Community Program

The Phuket PALS Serving the Community Program gives students the opportunity to see parts of society that haven’t seen before. 
The program takes our kids to many worthwhile causes all over Phuket and Phang Nha. 
Our students learn about giving and the reasons why certain people or animals are vulnerable in our society. More importantly, they come into contact with people who selflessly give up their lives to help the needy. 
Coming into contact with these people and places at a young age leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of the students, making them reflect on how they and those around them live.
Changing society for the better can’t be done overnight. It takes gradual steps combining education and action. 
All at Phuket PALS are proud of the way our students behaved this morning. They were a credit to the school.
On the way home in the bus, the students were buzzing with ideas and questions.
This is what education is all about. We look forward to the next trip.

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