Reasons to Volunteer in Phuket


Goodness knows, we all have busy lives these days. So busy, in fact, it’s difficult to imagine squeezing volunteering into your already crammed schedule. However, the benefits of helping out people are huge for your community, your family and you. On a personal level, you can learn new skills, make new friends and boost your confidence. Also, giving to others is great for your mental and physical and mental health. Giving back to society, may not seem like much, but if more people make the effort, the world will become a brighter place.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering in Phuket is the same as anywhere. Offering help to people who need it most benefits society and you personally. Helping others helps battle stress and boosts mental health, proving a sense of purpose. Many think that volunteering takes too long, but this is simply not true. Giving up a few hours per week, it more than enough to make a difference. 

Here at Phuket PALS, we’ve identified three reasons why we all should make volunteering part of our schedule.

  • Volunteering connects people 

Selflessly giving up your time to help a charity, for example, enables you to make a direct impact on your community. Young people always say they want to help their community, but few take the steps to do so. Not only will volunteering allow you to help out the people who need help the most in your community, it will also help you make new friends, expand your network and boost your social skills.

  • Volunteering helps you make new friends 

Volunteering usually involves teamwork. This means volunteers have to work together to achieve a shared goal. For teenagers, in particular, working with others in this way is a great way to boost communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Volunteering is good for your mind and body

Helping other has many benefits:

  •  Volunteering increases self-confidence

Helping others provides you with a sense of accomplishment. This allows you to feel good about yourself, making you more likely to have an optimistic view about yourself and the world. Giving back to your community also strengthens your identity and makes you proud of the good things you have done. 

  • Volunteering makes people happy  

Helping those less fortunate than yourself feels good. Giving releases endorphins (happy chemicals) causing what many call ‘Giver’s High’. 

  • Volunteering reduces anxiety

Giving up your time and helping other people is good for your physiological well-being. Having meaningful connections with people gives you purpose and a sense of achievement that translates into physiological kudos and a happier mind.

  • Volunteering gives you ideas for your future career

There are so many different skills you can learn volunteering such as practical hands on skills, management skills, sales skills, marketing skills to name a few. Trying these out as a volunteer gives you some welcome pointers for what career you might follow later in life. 



Here at Phuket PALS we value volunteering highly for the reasons mentioned above. As a result, we developed our ‘Servicing the Community Program’. This enables students on our GED International Program to visit 4 charities in 4 weeks and give something back to the community. Teachers also engage students in reflective activities and make sure that students realize the positive nature of charity work. We feel this is great for young people and the wider community.

For more information about out GED International Program, please call us on 081 417 0978 (THAI) or 095 429 7791 (ENG)

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