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Lyova joined the Phuket PALS’ GED International Program searching for an alternative educational experience.

He felt that in the past he failed to receive the attention he needed to succeed in the classroom.

After joining Phuket PALS, Loyova was impressed with the small group environment as also he loved the fact our students don’t wear uniform.

Having this level of freedom, suited Lyova and he quickly began to excel in the classroom, particularly in math class.

Lyova worked tirelessly for his GED diploma and got the results he deserved. 

Now he’s about to join the International Department at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket, where he will study Hospitality.

After he finishes his studies he dreams of becoming a hotel manager.

We asked Lyova the following question recently. Here’s his response:

👍How did this place feel when you studied here? Was it different to other schools you’ve been to? How?👍

❤“When I first started learning in Phuket PALS, I was really surprised about how much freedom the school grants you as you learn. For example, there’s no uniform and the teachers are very friendly. I thought all my teachers were nice and taught me above and beyond what I needed to pass the GED diploma”❤

Good luck for the future, Lyova. We’re all rooting for you here at Phuket PALS!

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