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Passing the GED diploma isn’t easy.  It takes hard work and dedication.  Over the years we are proud to have helped so many students achieve their diploma here at Phuket PALS. Now, I want to tell you about Diana, one of our best GED success stories. Diana is proof that if you put in the hard work, commit to the program and don’t give up, no matter how hard things get, you can pass your GED diploma and move on to University and the enjoy the rest of your life.

The Early Days

I remember consulting with Diana in the early days. I told her all about GED and what it could do for her future. She couldn’t believe these things could could happen to her. The main reason for this was Diana’s English-language level which was lower than required to enter our GED International Program. As a result, I advised her to take an extended period of private English lessons to learn English language skills – especially in reading comprehension,  vocabulary and grammar. To be honest, I’ve never seen a student work as hard as Diana did during that course. Every week she was emailing me for new books to read, new articles to analyze, and new YouTube videos to watch. 

She was fully committed to the program.  She knew she had to work hard to raise her level of English to an acceptable standard to pass the GED Diploma. After six months or so of blood, sweat and tears, she raised her English language level to the required standard needed to enter our GED course. This was the start of her GED journey and, of course, she was nervous initially, but after much coaching and positive encouragement, she decided that she would fully committed to achieving success! Of course, she (and we!) knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she realized with hard work and determination she had a good chance of passing her GED diploma in the future. 

Studying on the GED International Program

After a week or two studying in the GED international program, Diana came to speak to me and was very worried about whether she could pass the GED diploma or not. I, of course, encouraged her to keep her head down and persevere to get over the difficult times. This is what she did, and to be honest. I’ve never seen a student work so hard for a GED diploma. 

She was a model student!. Amazingly soon her teachers started saying she was one of the hardest-working students in the class and the one making the most progress! Here was a girl making things happen for her future! Now, she was rising to the top of her class. It was wonderful to see!

GED Diploma Exam Time

When the time came to focus on exam preparation, Diana was nervous and started to doubt her own ability. This was  understandable. She had come a long way with her studies in a short period of time, so naturally she felt a little unsure of herself. However, after careful and lengthy consultation with myself and her subject teachers, not to mention the endless hours of extra work on holidays and in the evening, Diana finally got herself in a position where she was confident to take the final tests.

GED Diploma Test Results

I still remember smile on her face when she got her first GED test result. She passed! A second, third and forth soon followed. Feelings of joy and admiration flooded my mind. She had done it!. Amazingly, Diana passed all of her GED tests at the first attempt! She proved to her classmates and to herself she had the ability to succeed. Diana had come a long way and in the end emerged passing her GED diploma!

What is Diana Doing Now?

Presently, Diana studies Hospitality at a local University (Prince of Songkla, Phuket) and is enjoying it very much. She wants to be a hotel manager when she’s older, and I’ve no doubt that she will achieve this goal. Her story is a great example of goal-setting, belief and hard work.

We wish her all the best for the future.

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