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Finding am IGCSE tutor in Phuket is a difficult task. There are many teachers out there offering their services and promising the world, but how do you know which tutor is right for your needs?

The good news is that Phuket PALS has been pushing IGCSE students towards their academic goals since 2009. Phuket PALS is the go to IGCSE tutoring center on the island and is recommended by British International School and Head Start International School. 

It is no secret that investing in a private tutor will massively boost a student’s educational experience and Phuket PALS works closely with hundreds of students to ensure that they get the best IGCSE tutoring in Phuket. 

So what are the main reasons to choose a Phuket PALS’ IGCSE tutor?

IGCSE Tutoring

Advantages of Hiring a Phuket PALS IGCSE Tutor

Private IGCSE tutors at Phuket PALS provide students with the academic support that they need to ensure top IGCSE marks, and they also boast a number of other benefits, ranging from helping learners establish important transferable skills. 

For example, tutors will hone students critical thinking skills more actively than if they were in a large group. 

Face to face contact, ensures learners focus more on problems and find creative ways to solve them. 

Also, hiring a Phuket PALS IGCSE tutor gives flexibility for students with busy schedules as the school is open seven day a week from 10am to 7:30pm. 

Another reason to hire a Phuket PALS IGCSE tutor is that students grow in confidence quickly as a result of the extra teacher time. This private time with a professional allows students the chance to express themselves in a safe and non-judgemental environment. 

The advantages of hiring a private tutor are clear, but how to actually choose the right tutor is a more difficult matter.

In recent years, especially, the private tutoring industry has boomed, in both the U.S. and the UK and Phuket is no different. 

Phuket PALS large and loyal customer network know the benefits of using our IGCSE tutoring services, and this is what keeps them coming back again and again.

Phuket PALS Helps You Find the Perfect IGCSE Tutor

Before you contact Phuket PALS, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you know exactly what your child needs from from a tutor.

Every student is unique and will have their own academic strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to note these in advance.

To do this simply ask your child which IGCSE subjects they find easy and which they find difficult.

This will help you to determine the IGCSE subjects you need to focus on.

Looking through your child’s last two or three school reports will also give you a good indication of where problems may be lurking. 

Once you have done the above, book a free consultation with a Phuket PALS IGCSE expert and discuss the areas of weakness you have uncovered. 

This information will enable Phuket PALS to form a clearer picture of what your child needs and also the type of tutor needed.

Once Phuket PALS knows what you want, your child will have to take some placement tests so we can accurately pin point any other areas of weakness. 

Both the wants and needs of the student provide the blueprint for the Phuket PALS’ bespoke IGCSE tutoring course. 

These courses have an extremely high customer satisfaction rate and this is reflected in Phuket PALS strong reputation as Phuket PALS premier IGCSE tutoring provider.


Phuket IGCSE Tutoring

Phuket PALS Offers Flexibility for IGCSE Students

Phuket PALS provides both in-house and online private tutoring services. Perhaps a student is having difficulty in getting to Phuket PALS on a certain day. This is not a problem as the lesson can be switched to our online platform, ensuing that no academic momentum is lost. 

Student have total control over this and can change the delivery method at any time to suit their changing circumstances.

Phuket PALS Provides On Demand Reports

Keeping up to date on your child’s progress is essential, and here at Phuket PALS we make this easy for you. Parents or students can ask for a progress report at an y time during their course, and this will be provided by the IGCSE tutor. 

Progress reports allow for adjustments to be made in the right areas, meaning that the learning will maximize their time in the classroom. 

Phuket PALS IGCSE Tutoring is Value for Money

You don’t have to pay a small fortune to receive high quality IGCSE tutoring for your child in Phuket. 

Phuket PALS’ prices are as competitive as they, allowing you get the best value for money IGCSE tutoring on Phuket island.

Phuket IGCSE Tutoring

Phuket PALS IGCSE Tutoring gives Pre and Post Course Testing

Pre and Post testing are important to show the progress your child has made during their time with their IGCSE tutor.

Feedback will be given by your tutor to assist in the future progression of your child’s academic needs.

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