How to Improve on IELTS Reading True, False, Not Given Questions

With so many IELTS Reading questions types, students often feel overwhelmed. You can find out about the other IELTS Reading questions types here.

In my 15 plus years teaching, Students fear this IELTS Reading question type the most.

You are given a number of statements about the text. You have to read and decide which are 100% true, 100% false or if the text doesn’t say.

Sounds easy right?


IELTS True, falase, Not Given questions require you to practice numerous skills:

Look a the following example:

You have seven statements and have to choose which are True, False and Not Given.

On the surface, this task looks simply enough, so the why do so many students fear it?

Three reasons Student Fear IELTS Reading Task 1 True, False, Not Given Questions:

  1. Students often focus on keywords and not the meaning of the sentence.
  2. Student spend too long trying to work out of an answer is Not True and lose valuable time.
  3. Students think an answer is True or False because it’s almost True or almost false.

To overcome the above the following action must be taken.

  1. To get the correct answer you must focus on meaning (not keywords) and applying this to your reading. Keywords are not enough to get you through this question.
  2. Move quickly on to the next question if you feel like your getting lost. Make a note and come back to it later.
  3. Before answering the question, ask yourself: ‘Is this a fact?’ The statement needs to be 100% factual to be True or False.

A Word of Warning: Be Super-Careful here!

Not Given answers often contain words from the statements. So, make sure you read closely for meaning.

Let me repeat: Key words alone are not enough to get you though IELTS Reading True, False, Not Given

These three IELTS Reading tips will help you increase your IELTS score, but you also need to improve your reading technique.

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