How to Improve on IELTS Reading Paragraph Heading Questions

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How to stay focused in IELTS reading

IELTS Reading Paragraph Heading questions can be tricky, but if you follow these techniques, you will enhance your score:

  1. Be aware that there usually are more headings than paragraphs.

Students get used to this type of question in school and think the same rules will apply in IELTS Reading.

Think again.

School questions of this sort often have an equal number of headings and paragraphs, making elimination a useful technique.

IELTS Reading Paragraph Heading questions are much harder and because there are more headings than paragraphs, elimination technique is much less useful.

    2. Analyze the paragraph heading before you read the paragraphs

Careful, close reading of the paragraph headings will boost your IELTS band score. Make sure you understand the sentence before you look at the paragraphs in the passage.

    3. Be aware that the answers do not come in the same order

Don’t fall into this trap. The answers can come in any order.

These three IELTS Reading tips will help you increase your IELTS score, but you also need to improve your reading technique.

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