How to Improve on IELTS Reading Choosing a Title Questions

IELTS Reading choosing a title questions need some work. Try the following techniques as part of your practice:


IELTS Reading Choosing a Title questions can be tricky, but if you follow these techniques, you will enhance your score:

  1. Read the introduction and conclusion of the passage closely

This tip will enhance your score on the IELTS Reading exam. The main idea of the passage is found both the introduction and conclusion.

Read carefully and find the idea that appears in both. Once you have done this, write it in your own words.

Then read your titles and make a choice.

     2. Read the titles closely for detail

It’s vital you understand each title so take your time and read closely.

     3. Careful with time

Students sometimes get stuck on this question and spend too much time trying to find the answer.

As a general rule, read the introduction and conclusion and try and choose a title. If you can’t, make a star at the side of the question and move on to the next question.


These three IELTS Reading tips will help you increase your IELTS score, but you also need to improve your reading technique.

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