GED Test Thailand: 5 Reasons to Pass!

5 Reasons to take GED in Thailand

The GED test in Thailand is helping lots of young people.

Here at Phuket PALS we pride ourselves on the positive impact we make as Phuket’s only GED Authorized test center and GED test prep providers. 

Our GED International Program here in Phuket has helped hundreds of young people from a range of backgrounds pass their GED test.

This is not just the beginning for GED test in Thailand.

What we are witnessing is an awakening.

Parents and students are now seeing Thai GED test graduates taking the nest step to higher education both in Thailand and abroad.

These are exciting times to be involved in the GED test in Thailand.

More and more people every day are finding out about how the GED test can enhance their future.

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Top 5 Reasons to take GED in Thailand

In the video above, T. Mike the Managing Director of Phuket PALS, Phuket’s only Authorized GED Test Center and GED test prep partner, explains why the GED test is becoming the most talked about test in Thailand today.

1.The first reason he gives for the current excitement around the GED diploma is the quality of the quality of the credential. 

The GED diploma is stamped by the District of Columbia (USA) which recognizes it as an equivalent of grade 12 standard.

Also, in Thailand, the Thai Ministry of Education recognize the GED test as being the equivalent of a Mathayom 6 standard.

As a result, Thai GED students are able to access quality college and university courses delivered in the English language.

All Thai universities accept the GED diploma as part of their entrance requirements including Bangkok’s big players:

Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, Mahidol University to name a few.

With quality Thai universities recognizing the GED test, it’s no wonder students are showing interest.

2. The second reason T. Mike gives is that GED graduates are likely to have more earning power in the future.

As outlined in the previous point, GED test graduates in Thailand can gain direct access into the best universities.

This will give them a massive advantages both intellectually and socially in the future when they begin to look for paid employment.

It’s the same story in any country.

High school and university graduates earn more over a lifetime.

3. The third reason given by T. Mike relates to being a good role model.

Studying hard for the GED test and earning the credential,  sets a wonderful example to younger people in Thailand.

Perhaps your younger brother hates school and is failing.

Seeing you studying hard for the GED test in the Land of Smiles could motivate him to pull up his socks and do the same.

Role models are influential figures and we all respond positively to their example.

4. Fourthly, T. Mike talks about how taking the GED test in Thailand can save you time.

He makes a comparison with the British qualifications A Level and IB and the Thai equivalents of  M5 and M6. 

All of these take 2 years minimum to complete.

GED, on the other hand, can be done in considerably less time if you put you mind to the task.

5. Finally, T. Mike points out the knock on effect of saving time equals saving money.

It’s time to level the playing field

Quality education in Thailand has become unaffordable for all but the top sun-strata of society who send their children to flashy international schools.

Similarity, within the Thai system English Programs and International Programs are expensive.

Studying GED levels the playing field somewhat.

This gives more kids a chance to get a quality education and follow their dreams to higher education in Thailand or overseas.

So, enroll in a GED course at Phuket PALS and pass your GED here in Thailand.

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