GED Success Thailand: What’s Next? Watch and find out!

passed ged what's next

You have earned GED Success! Well done!

All your hard work over the past 12 months has paid off and now you have a high school equivalency diploma in your hand.

So, what’s the next move?

You’ve always has a dream about going to college and getting a degree.

Is this possible after GED?

Of course it is!

And, what’s more you have many options both here in Thailand and overseas via the Phuket PALS’ GED pathways.

What are the options after GED Success?

You have many Phuket PALS’ Pathways available to you after completing your GED.


The first of these Pathways is close to home in good old Thailand.
The Bangkok big three Chulalongkorn, Thammasat and Mathidol all accept GED.
You should be…and there’s more.
Not only the big three accept GED but also all other Thai universities do for entrance onto International Programmes.
Are you feeling a little better about your options now?


The second pathway option for GED graduates is going to IMI in Switzerland. This popular Phuket PALS’ pathway opens up many doors in the world of hospitality management.
Imagine going for a job in a hotel here in Phuket and saying you have a Swiss hospitality degree! 
Do you think you’d get the job?
Sure you would!
The third Phuket PALS’ pathway option is in Singapore.
This popular option take students to the bright lights of South East Asia’a wealthiest country.
Here you can study higher diploma, degrees and masters programmes at MDIS or TMC Academy.
The UK is the forth Phuket PALS’ Pathway option.
GED graduates can start a UK University Foundation Program at Bellerby’s College in London, Brighton, Oxford or Cambridge.
After this students have the choice of over 75% of UK university to pursue a UK BA degree.
Finally, GED graduates can go to college in the USA as over 95% of US colleges accept GED.
So there you have it folks. 
GED success is an amazing way to travel to the college of your dreams and become the best version of yourself.
What are you waiting for?

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