GED practice tests: reasons to use them

ged practice tests: reasons to use them

Phuket PALS GED International Program students have to take a ton of GED practice tests in the lead up to the real exam.

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In fact, we dedicate all of term 3 of GED 4 to focusing in on effective exam technique and strategies for GED success.

The reason for this is to keep the final run up to the exams focused on the important topic areas while at the same time becoming familiar with the type of questions on the GED test.

GED practice tests are one of the most effective ways to fine tune your skills for the test.

This is because they provide a practical glimpse into what the student will have to tackle in the real GED test.

For example, common themes and subject areas will pop up allowing students time to consolidate their knowledge and apply academic concepts to the questions asked. 

The more students focus on GED practice tests the more comfortable become with them.

This enhances their chances of performing well come the big day.

Other benefits of studying GED practice tests include…

Firstly, the GED exam is known for pushing students for time.

All subject areas, RLA, Science, Math and Social Studies throw questions after question at bewildered students.

This can lead to confusion.

Taking GED practice tests combats this and speeds students up.

Students become familiar with the time constraints and through practice rise to the challenge.

Secondly, taking GED practice tests allows students to familiarize themselves with the different question types/formats.

This is of particular importance for the GED test has an unconventional format with ‘drag and drop questions and ‘hot spot’ questions.

Students will not have seen these types of questions in traditional test formats before.

For GED success it’s vital students take lots of GED practice tests to avoid any surprises on test day.

Finally, taking GED practice tests reminds students of the content areas covered.

Students often forget key concepts and thus are unable to apply them in the test.

Perhaps a student taking a GED Social Studies practice is stumped on questions about the powers of the federal government.

Well, this means they can focus their review on this area and iron out any weaknesses before test day.


Taking GED practice tests is a must for any GED student. 

As previous stated, the reasons for these are numerous.

So, students serious about passing the GED diploma mustn’t overlook their benefits.

Students in GED 4 of the Phuket PALS’ GED International Program spend all of term 3 focusing on GED practice test questions and how to approach them.

This give our student a confidence and exam sharpness so essential on the big day.

Two recommended GED practice test resources

GED Ready from GED Testing Services

If you have the cash, this is the best place to invest for GED success.

Not only do the GED Ready test contain authentic questions for the makers of the real test, they also feel like the real thing.

Countless Phuket PALS’ GED students have commented on their authentic user experience while taking the GED Ready.

Highly recommended

McGraw Hill: Preparation for the GED Test

This book contains useful pre and post tests.

Also, the subject content is laid out nicely, allowing students to revisit weak areas and brush up on unknown informational.

Recommend as well.

So there you have it, folks. Happy studying.

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