Soi Dog Foundation | GED International Program ‘Serving the Community’ trip


Today, our GED International Program 4A students took a trip to Soi Dog Foundation in the north of Phuket as part of their ‘Serving the Community Program’

Have you ever wondered why there are so many stray dogs on the streets of Phuket? Today our students found out why and also learned about the heroic work Soi Dog has been doing since 2003.

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Why are there so many dogs on Phuket streets?

When my father came to Phuket the first time to visit me about 9 years ago, he couldn’t believe how many dogs roamed the streets of the island. 

As a dog lover, he often bent down to pat stray dogs on the head until I gently pulled him to one side and reminded him of the associated dangers. After all, these dogs are often ravaged with all matter of diseases, including rabies, fungal infections and external parasites. 

‘You’re a long way from Ireland, father, I whispered in his ear.’

One of the main reasons the problem has grown so big is people abandoning their dogs once they have grown beyond the cute puppy stage. The compounding effect of this over the decades has been horrifying with around 80,000 stray dogs on the streets of Phuket alone. The number for Bangkok stands at a conservative 360,000!

To make matters worse, the animals have largely been allowed to breed unchecked, resulting in a feral dog epidemic on the island. 

Soi Dog phuket

Step in Soi Dog to the rescue

Soi Dog made it there mission to neuter and vaccinate as many stray dogs and cats in Phuket, Bangkok and other provinces in Thailand as possible.

Soi Dogs mobile units comb the street looking for strays and respond to calls from concerned residents. Once caught, most animals are sterilized and treated in Soi Dogs state of the art animal hospital.

Experts say that Phuket stray dog problem is now officially under control because of Soi Dog’s Sisyphean efforts. 

You can read more about this on Soi Dog’s official website 

Phuket PALS raising awareness

It was our great pleasure today to meet some of the volunteers involved in the Soi Dog project. Each one of them has a heart of gold and fizzes with energy and excitement.

Our students learned a great deal from their time at Soi Dog. We believe education is more than reguritating textbooks for tests. It’s about learning how to empathize with other sentient beings and work as a team. Today, all of the kids felt good about what they did and even want to return soon and do more for this wonderful charity.

Let’s hope that we can all work together and raise enough awareness on Phuket to prevent future generations from selfishly dumping their pets on the street.

After what we experienced today at Soi Dog, the future looks bright.

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