GED International Program ‘Serving the Community’ trip (Helping the Elderly)

Studying on the Phuket PALS’ GED International Program is not only about academics.

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Students also take part in the Phuket PALS ‘Serving the Community Program’

This has seen students in the past volunteering at Yaowawit School in Phang Nha, Thailand and helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Check out the video below to see all about the experience.

After the Yaowawit trip, many of our GED International Program students came up to me and said they felt deeply moved my the experience and wanted to help the kids more.

We believe this type of experience is vitally important for young people today. 

Social media has made too many kids focus on image and wealth as the only important things in life.

However, we believe dropping students into situations that are out of their comfort zones promoting awareness and empathy of others.

Having these skills helps young people relate to others on a more humane level and we believe makes them more sophisticated as they move towards adulthood.

The world creaks under the strain of greed and corruption, this we know.

But giving young people experiences in which they practice selflessness brings us all one step closer to a better world.

A world in which we treat each other with mutual respect.

These experiences affect young people on a deep level, and the Phuket PALS ‘Serving the Community Program’ helps students find out more about the world around them.

Serving the Phuket Elderly

Today, we took some GED 4a students up to Thalang, in the north of Phuket, to entertain a delightful group of elderly folk.

ged phuket

The boys were very nervous but rose to the challenge and sang beautifully in the searing midday sun.

ged thailand

Everyone at Phuket PALS is proud of the achievements of our GED students.

Not only are they getting a solid academic education, they are also learning about people who need a helping hand in life. 

We feel this is imperative in the self-obsessed social media age we now find ourselves in.

ged thailand phuket

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