Number 1 IELTS Reading Test Error

Number 1 IELTS Reading Test Error

The number 1 IELTS Reading test error is forgetting you don’t have extra time at the end of the exam to copy your answers form the question sheet to the answer sheet.

This sounds silly, but many students fall make this error.

Image studying for months. Imagine paying for tutors and online classes. Imagine living and breathing IELTS Reading for an extended period of time, only to fail to copy your answers on to answer sheet on time on test day.

This IELTS Reading test error must be avoided.

In this article I’ll give you a brief overview of what content is in the exam, what question types to expect and also tell a true story of my student called ‘X’ who made the number 1 IELTS Reading test error.

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Number 1 IELTS Reading Test Error True Story: The Story of ‘X’.

A students of mine from years ago fell into this trap. Let me tell you the story. For now let’s call the student ‘X’.

‘X’ had taken the IELTS test before and got 6.5 in the Speaking, writing and listening sections. His weak point was the reading section in which he only scored a band 5.5

Like most students the reason for this was a combination of poor technique and lack of reading speed.

I consulted with him and we came to the conclusion that he needed around one month of intensive tuition to raise his IELTS Reading band score to what he needed.

Thus, we got to work and met five days per week, focusing on the core skills areas he struggled with: namely, True, Flase, Not Given. And Paragraph headings. He was a slow reader and we also worked on this skill.

True, False, Not Given

Paragraph Headings

How to increase your IELTS Reading Speed

As you can imagine, the month was a painful one for the student, but he make progress. By halfway, he started to get disillusioned with the project and didn’t see a way forward.

However, I coached him accordingly and he struggled on.

At the end of the month his IELTS Reading technique and speed had improved and he was scoring around the level he needed.

He thanked me and went to take the exam.

Things Go Wrong

I tell my IELTS Reading students almost every lesson that they don’t have exam time to transfer their answers from the question paper onto the answer sheet.

As a result, it becomes like a mantra, and students repeat it after me. It’s becomes a running joke in class.

That said ‘X’ suffered from some sort of temporary amnesia in the real test and forgot.

‘X’ only managed to scribble a few of his answers down on the answer sheet in time, losing two thirds of his points.

Needless to say, he failed to get the score he wanted once more.

Confession Time

After the exam he called me and told me the news. I was ready to strangle him! How could he! After all the progress he had made!

So, the moral of this story is as followings:

You have time at the end of IELTS Listening  test to transfer your answers from the questions paper to the answer sheet.

BUT… not on the IELTS Reading Test.

You must write your answer directly onto the IELTS Reading answer sheet as you go along.

Please don’t fall into the same trap as ‘X’.

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