5 reasons why studying during the summer should be on your ‘to do’ list


Summer break is a time when many students forget about their studies and kick back with friends. There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with friends, but after a month or more, most students are bored of binge watching Netflix and doing laps of the mall. Thus, it’s in this spirit we write this post. 

We have seen countless young people over the last decade advance academically during the holidays, and this extra effort can pay dividends when the new school term begins. 

Teachers sometimes talk about the ‘Summer slide’. Many of us can remember frittering away our time during the school Summer break. What started out as a great adventure with friends quickly fizzled out and dragged on for what seemed like forever. Do you know the feeling?

Here are the top 5 reasons why we at Phuket PALS feel a little Summer study is a great idea:

  1. Students have time for extensive reading

I define extensive reading as reading novels for fun. The summer months offer students a golden opportunity to kick back and indulge themselves in some of the greatest novels ever written. Encourage kids to pick up a classic such as The Great Gatsby or Great Expectations and explore another world. Parents can get involved, too. Why not have a summer reading club with your kid and delve into the worlds of Fitzgerald and Dickens together. 

The benefits of doing this are myriad:

  • Students develop their reading comprehension skills
  • Students develop their vocabulary
  • Students develop their writing skills, grammar and punctuation
  • Students develop their imagination
  • Students develop their higher order thinking skills

The list goes on and on. But, for now, you get the idea. 

Reading extensively is necessary.

  1. Students can read ahead and lessen the pressure later on

Some students like to meet with their teacher and start the forthcoming term’s syllabus early. This gives them a chance to read and comprehend ahead of their peers. Why not get a hold of the content early, thus giving you a chance later to focus on sharpening the skills necessary for success? We believe it makes sense to get a grip on some materials early and relieve some of the pressure later on in the year.

  1. Students might need time to catch up

The Summer break is also a wonderful time to catch up on work missed from the previous term. Perhaps students had sports meetings or illness that causes them to miss parts of the course. Summer time is the perfect opportunity to fill in the knowledge gaps and move on to the next term confident and brimming with positive energy.

  1. Student can study in peace

Only the most driven students study during the Summer holidays, but those who do relish the opportunity. What could be more attractive for an assiduous student than having the teacher’s undivided attention. Courses at this time of year are usually in small groups or in private, giving learners a change to focus on problem areas with their teacher without classmates disrupting the flow.

  1. Students have time to explore other academic fields

Maybe you’ve always wondered what Philosophy is? Ever wondered about how the Egyptians or ancient Greeks lived? These are worthwhile topics to explore during your summer break. Learning about such topics will see you reading quality texts and researching via the net. The potential for academic development is huge, not only in terms of knowledge of bygone times, but also in sharpening your higher order thinking skills.

So, what do you think about learning in the Summer now? Does it still feel like a waste of time? Summer studying does not mean you have to lock yourself away for 10 hours a day – far from it. Learning either on your own or with an experienced teacher for just a few hours per week could make a big difference in not only your immediate academic progress, but also your future.


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